Our Calendar

Our Calendar

March 6th is an early release day, with dismissal at 12:20pm. 
March 7th, Admissions Open House, 5:30pm. 
March 8th will be the third quarter progress report distribution
March 15th, schools closed to students for Professional Development. Parent-Teachers conferences by appointment.
March 21st – Family Teacher Union Meeting at 5:30pm.
March 27th – in-school SAT day for Year 1 students 

April 1-3 – Midterm Exams
April 3rd– is an early release day, with dismissal at 12:20pm. Third quarter ends.
April 11th -Third quarter report card and grade narrative distribution.
April 15-22 – Schools closed, spring break.
April 24th – Window opens for PARCC Algebra I and PARCC English 10 testing(through June 5).
April 25th– Family Teacher Union Meeting at 5:30pm. Tenth-grade family meeting, 6pm. Evening Parent-Teacher conferences by appointment.

May 1st – is an early release day, with dismissal at 12:20pm.
May 3rd– Spaghetti Dinner and Game Night, 6pm.
May 8th -Window opens for Government HSA for students enrolled in American Government and MISA exams for students enrolled in College Biology(through June 7).
May 11th– Year 1 Prom, Martin’s West.
May 16th -Family Teacher Union Meeting at 5:30pm.
May 16-19– Civic Engagement Summit.
May 22nd -Fourth quarter progress report distribution.
May 27th – schools closed(Memorial Day).

June 1st – Commencement exercises, France-Merrick Performing Arts Center at the Hippodrome.
June 11-13 – Spring semester final exams.
June 14th -Last Day of School. Field Day.
June 21st – Fourth quarter report card distribution.

To be announced: Student Research Symposium, Year 2 final exams and final day of school, Spring semester academic honors assembly, and Year 2 prom.

The last day of school may be adjusted due to make-up school days. Please check Baltimore City Schools Calendar to verify. The calendar is available below.