Support Services


The vision of the Student Support Team (SST) is that all Bard DC staff and students can achieve personal, professional, and academic success through the acquisition and practice of social-emotional skills in the school building, in the community, and in the home.  We strive to be Social & Emotional Learning live by the year 2025!

The Bard DC Student Support Team Strategic Plan includes five essential objectives to help us achieve our vision of being Social & Emotional Learning live by the year 2025 :

The Bard DC Early College Summer Experience: a two-week intensive experience designed to provide subject-specific skill building for the early years at Bard DC, community building opportunities, and social-emotional skill development. Learn more by clicking here

Fledgling to Flight: a year-long curriculum and early intervention strategy targeting the deficiencies of our incoming students with a focus on topics of interest ranging from academic integrity to early college expectations of behavior and engagement. Learn more by clicking here

A place to think and feel!  The Bard DC advisory is a teacher facilitated, student-centered, weekly circle designed to strengthen relationships, build community, improve literacy, and teach and practice key SEL skills.  Grade level advisory groups will be guided by an SEL advisory curriculum for age-appropriate skill building and discussions.  Advisory also provides us with an opportunity to teach our students important mindfulness techniques to alleviate daily stress.

We will attract and train a qualified team of Social Workers, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Special Educators, and other specialists to provide targeted support and interventions for our students.  The team will complement in-classroom and school-wide SEL practices through collaboration and consultation with our teaching faculty, administration, and families.  This team will also hold mediation and restorative circles where necessary. Learn more about our Student Support Team (SST).

Parent Engagement: we invite parents to be a regular part of creating and supporting our community.  Parents are welcome to participate by joining our Parent Association, the Local School Advisory Team, the School Counseling Advisory Committee, and others.  Additionally, we aim to facilitate regular parent SEL skills workshops to help our families cope with life changes, the dynamic world of adolescence, and the stresses associated with parenting in the 21st century.

Student (Re)Engagement: We aim to host an annual Student Leadership Training Academy for all students to gain leadership development and opportunities for skill building.  Our team will also work with students annually to create and manage student-led clubs and organizations.  A regular Student Government Association will operate as an outlet for student voice and advocacy.

Counseling Services: Our Student Support Team will deliver a combination of in-classroom, school-wide, individual, and group services to our students annually.  We also work closely with our students and families through the college transfer process.

Community Partnerships & Referrals: The goal here is enlarge the Bard DC footprint by deepening and widening the scope of our connections with community partners, CBO’s, DCPS, and other organizations.  Civic engagement, social justice, and community service should also be a focus of curricular development, school discussion, and institutional support.

Social & Emotional Learning isn’t just for our students.  To be truly effective at creating an SEL environment at Bard DC even the adults must develop SEL skills.  We aim to host regular parent  workshops around mindfulness, stress reduction, and understanding the adolescent brain.  Additionally, we will strive to host regular and ongoing faculty/staff SEL training, support, SEL circles, and workshops.

Academic Student Supports

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons promotes college readiness by providing individual tutorial help in all subject areas, with a special focus on the critical areas of writing and math. The Learning Commons provides a common learning space for students to collaborate with each other through small group work and study groups. Students may sign up for tutoring sessions with a professor or a student mentor, or they may use the Commons to work in small peer study groups.


Faculty Office Hours

All faculty members at Bard DC offer office hours—dedicated time in which they work individually with students. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty members. Faculty members also offer organized group study for students who appear to be struggling in their classes.


Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors are Bard DC students who assist students in subjects across all academic disciplines. Students meet with a peer tutor weekly in the Learning Commons for one-on-one assistance with homework assignments and test preparation and for help with developing good study habits. The goal of the Peer Tutoring Program is to connect students to a classmate who understands the challenges of early college, and who is able to help students reach specific academic objectives.