Who We Are

Get to know your Writing Studio Tutors!

Chrishana Keyara Simon

Chrishana is a second year student at the Bard Early College stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s currently exercising and honing her leadership skills in BECNO’s inaugural committee, the Student Leadership Council. Chrishana has created a community at Bard Early College named The Action Committee – which is a BECNO club that advocates for the student body’s voice to be heard and for the policies to reflect that. She is an experienced peer tutor who specializes in writing and is always ready to help! She can be reached at fellow4@bec.bard.edu or cs905no@bec.bard.edu 

Angel Johnson

Angel is a second year at BECNO. She has constantly had a role in Bard’s community by creating clubs like Queen’s Society, a club that helps the young women in our community have a voice involving real life conflicts and tribulations that society tries to shun them from. She builds upon her role as a BECNO student by striving to take her classes to the next level of challenging. For example when taking Spanish she not only thinks about mastering that subject but goes further to learn French at the same time. She has made so much headway in her academics that she has been nominated to represent BECNO in a world joint class. She is an experienced writer and is ready to tackle any challenge with you(this is not limited to just writing i.e math, science, history). She’s here to help, so use her as a source when needed. Let’s make this a good year!!! She can be reached at fellow3@bec.bard.edu or aj408no@bec.bard.edu 

Renajah Mayes

Renajah a.k.a, Ren is a second year student of BARD Early College located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ever since she became a member/colleague of BECNO, she’s been discovering different sides of her that she’s been falling in love with. One of the things she discovered is acting. Surprisingly, she met the writer inside of her which is pretty cool to her. Another surprising thing is she became a member of the Student Leader Council and Peer tutoring & Writing Studio. Let’s just say it’s cool to have people, including my professors and my peers, who have belief in you. She’s looking forward to bettering herself and being an inspiration to her younger peers. She’s looking forward to discovering more about herself while being a supporter to her younger colleagues. She’s planning on expanding her perspectives. She wants to learn things from her peers, and she believes  that the Peer Tutoring & Writing Studio can help her with that. About right now, she’s a little nervous and afraid, but she’s ready to start her last year at BECNO & Douglass! She can be reached at fellow5@bec.bard.edu or rm274no@bec.bard.edu 

P.S. if you want to meet my little noodles a.k.a my snakes, you can reach me at those two emails above :)!

Jalal Gibson

“Yerboi” Jalal is a Year 2 student at BECNO. He’s had somewhat of a history with tutoring prior to becoming a Writing Fellow and has learned more about his role to the student body thanks to Professor JC’s Peer Tutoring course in the Spring of 2020. Eager to help, you’ll find him in groups such as the Student Leadership Council and the Action Committee, as well as volunteering assistance to students, staff, and faculty alike. Jalal is a generally colorful person and is considered to be emotionally intelligent, so you can expect a pleasant and helpful tutoring session and meaningful correspondence with him, whatever that may mean for you specifically. He’s here to help you in academia and ease the stress connected with it so that you can grow as a student and otherwise! If you would like assistance, please contact him at fellow1@bec.bard.com or jg952no@bec.bard.edu (he’s especially good with Mathematics and Essay Composition, but please inquire about other areas! 🙂  ). fellow1@bec.bard.edu

Zebiah McKinney

Zebiah is a second-year student at Bard Early College New Orleans. In her spare time, she enjoys playing games, hanging out with friends, and reading a book or two. She decided to become a peer tutor because she loves to help the people around her. She’s hoping that tutoring others will help her writing improve. If you would like to contact her you can reach her at zm323no@bec.bard.edu or fellow2@bec.bard.edu. (Don’t be shy to come for help (o^-‘)b)

Julia Carey Arendell

Julia is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Bard Early College New Orleans, where she serves as Director of the Writing Studio and Chair of the American Literature Program for the Bard Early College Network. Her recent work includes co-authoring a playbook on using Writing to Learn pedagogy to teach college coursework through local workforce development programs such as the Youth Empowerment Project and the Earn and Learn Program at Tulane’s Cowen Institute to encourage and advance opportunity youth preparing for HiSet exams or college re-entry. She has fiction forthcoming at The Heavy Feather Review, and her work can be read at VIDA, Psychopomp Magazine, Tiferet Journal, and The Dudley Review, among others. She can be reached at studio@bec.bard.edu or jarendell@bec.bard.edu