The Writing Studio

Here we interactively experiment, play, study, support, and reflect upon writing.

Join us!

Welcome to the Writing Studio at Bard Early College New Orleans! And yes, we are virtual!

We are here to support student writing in every aspect — from starting new work, developing, revising, and organizing content, to polishing. We support all disciplines in which you use writing, whether creative, expository, or scientific. We are here to help you become more confident, to practice and experiment with your process, and to help you cultivate your voice. Whether you are someone who loves to write, finds it a struggle, or are somewhere in between, we are here in your journey with you!

Our goal is to develop questioning and construct thought and conversation around your writing. We can direct you to resources that you can use to learn on your own and return to for reminders. Through one-on-one conversations designed to motivate, encourage, and educate, our Peer Tutors and Writing Fellows as well as our Director provide caring, candid feedback and generative consults on your work, or to help you begin writing projects.

Click here to schedule an appointment! When schools can reopen safely, we will update you about happenings IN the physical Studio, but until then, all of our offerings are currently virtual. We really look forward to being able to host Dine & Draft writing sessions with our entire BECNO community once a week during lunch to get that writing work done. We have research to do, dissertations to write, stories and poems to craft. Until then, keep going! You can do it! Set a goal, set a timer, and then do your best.

As part of the Open Society University Network, our Writing Studio is linked with other writing centers not only throughout the Bard Early College campuses and Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, but also internationally! Our Director collaborates frequently with colleagues in Ghana, Vietnam, Germany, and Russia, just to name a few. As such, you will find amazing resources and presentations from around the world folded into our website. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Julia Carey Arendell for more information. Thank you to all of our partners and colleagues for their contributions to our website!

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