Student Life

Student Life

The Bard Early College offers a variety of student supports and activities including after school homework help during Academic Hour, Bard Student Council, Bard Debate Team and the Bard Literary Magazine.  For information on Bard Student Council, contact Mr. Edwards (; for information on the debate team, contact Dr. Bazinet ( or Professor Baily (; for information on the literary magazine, please contact Professor Baily (

We are always looking to expand our offerings. To suggest new student activities, please reach out to Dr. Anderson ( or Mr. Edwards (

Student Voices

I walked into college with a community of people who have grown with me and seen my writing evolve. It was harder than my curriculum at my current institution. Thank you for the opportunity to experience college before I actually got there, and for allowing me to gain a network of people that support me.
– Jaquan, Class of 2016

What attracted to me most to Bard was the freedom to write whatever we thought about what we’d read. I’ve been able to improve my writing and vocabulary a lot and I’m excited about the credits that I’ll be able to use in college, and the ability to know my vocabulary has increased.  If anyone has a chance to be a Bard student, they should definitely take it because it increases so many skills.
– Shannon, 9th grader

At first I didn’t like sharing my ideas, but now, sitting in seminar style classes, all my peers and I are able to share our ideas comfortably without judgments. I’m getting better at analyzing a text and being more concrete, and overall becoming a better writer.
– Alaysia, Year 1