Applicants sit for a one-on-one interview, most often with a Bard faculty member. Like a typical college admissions interview, this conversation encourages students to open up about what they feel most driven about. Applicants who are immersed in a personal passion – science fiction, developing apps, studying worms in the compost, slam poetry – show us the sense of inquiry, curiosity, and engagement that speaks to a good fit for Bard, more powerfully than grades or test scores. 

Mock Class

Faculty and Staff from the Early College will hold mock classes and provide a simulation of the style and substance of a college classroom. Students will receive a prompt and will be invited to participate in a classroom discussion. The discussion process opens up new ways of thinking, reveals different sides to an argument, and provokes growth. We are seeking students who actively participate in the process of examining issues, both as listeners and speakers

Writing Sample

Applicants provide a writing sample in response to a  prompt. We look for ideas and not for mechanics: is a student willing to take risks, ask questions, and pursue unusual angles of thinking? The prompt is chosen for its ability to invite just this sort of response.
Bard is looking to recruit young people with a passion for thinking deeply – a quality that isn’t limited by home town or prior academic record.

English Assessment

Applicants will sit for an assessment of their English level