Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education Faculty

Jayme Alves
Instructor of Physical Education and Health
AS, Essex County College; BS, Kean University

Stephen Crane
Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Health
BS, MAT, Montclair State University

David Dowling
Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
BS, Ithaca College; MA, Adelphi University

John Martin
Instructor of Health and Physical Education
BS, Montclair State University

High School Courses

BARD104  Health 9, Part I

BARD105  Health 9, Part II

BARD106  Health 10, Part I

BARD107  Health 10, Part II

In this four-semester sequence, students will gain the knowledge of concepts and skills that will allow them to develop a physically, socially, and emotionally healthy lifestyle.  In Health 9, concepts student analyze include:  the impact of nutrients on their bodies, the process of developing and achieving goals, the mechanics behind the skeletal and muscular systems, as well as other topics in health.  Students will have the opportunity to use interactive learning to understand these concepts.  In Health 10, students present injury and First Aid prevention projects, research the history of their community as it relates to community awareness, and take a deeper look at anatomy and physiology through selected body systems.

BARD108  Physical Education 9, Part I

BARD109  Physical Education 9, Part II

BARD110  Physical Education 10, Part I

BARD111  Physical Education 10, Part II

This four-semester sequence is designed to assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, confidence, and appreciation necessary for leading physically active and healthy lifestyles.  Students will learn the advantages of dynamic warm-ups and how it prepares them for activity, they will continue to develop sport-related skills, and they will record and analyze their personal level of fitness as it relates to the health-related fitness components.  Written work connects the physical components to conceptual understandings of fitness.

College Classes

BARD115  College Personal Health

College Personal Health will discuss consumer health advocacy, dealing with finding and purchasing products that are useful and beneficial to your health. We will discuss the life cycle, with subjects covering growth and development. Finally, we will learn and discuss different types of communicable and non-communicable diseases. If time is allotted, we may cover some driver’s education materials.

BARD118  College Personal Fitness

College Personal Fitness will help students develop understanding of planning and constructing a personalized fitness plan. Students will participate in cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility workouts of the day.