Carolyn Marcille

Carolyn Marcille

B.A. in Secondary Education, Concentration in English
SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia NY.

M.A. in English
Buffalo State College, Buffalo NY.
“Methwold’s Hairpiece: Towards a Post- Orientalist Indian Novel.”

Doctorate in Literature and Criticism
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation title: Technology and Colonial Power in South Asian Postcolonial Literature and Science Fiction.”


Postcolonial South Asian literature, postcolonial South Asian science fiction, the application of technological advancements and their effect on the Indian subcontinent, speculative fiction dealing with technology and subaltern subjects, the relationship of post or transhumanism in regard to the postcolonial subject, neoimperialism and neocolonialism, the commodification of bodies in the global South, postcolonialism and feminism.


Special Topics in Asian Studies, Women and Gender in South Asian Literature, Introduction to Bollywood and South Asian Cinema, College Writing 101, College Writing 102, Research Writing, Humanities Literature, Introduction to Literature and Film, Introduction to Poetry, The Short Story, American Literature Until 1865, Women’s Literature, Ethnic American Minority Literature.