Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counseling

The Guidance Department provides personal, social, and academic support to students either during individual and/or group counseling sessions.  Counselors collaborate with parents and faculty members to insure the success and safety of BHSEC students.  The primary focus of counseling is to equip students with coping strategies designed to help them manage personal stressors.  Students learn to identify obstacles that interfere with their ability to achieve their goals.  The counseling staff also offers conflict mediation services, organizational support, and, when necessary, members of the Guidance Department make referrals to and collaborate with community based organizations and external mental health professionals.  Lastly, the counselors help guide students through the college admissions process.

Our Counselors

Mrs. Dana Hamilton MSW

Anti-Bullying Specialist & School Social Worker
Phone: (973) 733-8248   Fax: (973) 733-8361
Bard High School Early College
321 Bergen Street, Newark NJ 07103

Ms. Karen Fennell MS MFT

Senior Manager of Operations and Compliance
HIB ABR District Coordinator
Phone: (973) 424-4367 Fax: (973) 733-6768
The Newark Public Schools
2 Cedar Street, Newark NJ 07102