Our Stories



Aphrodite Megaris ’15

“BHSEC raised my expectations.”

Declan McPherson ’05
“From my first day at BHSEC, I was forced to achieve and pushed to do more than I thought I could.”

Glendean Hamilton ’09

“BHSEC is intense with a purpose, challenging with a vision.”

Jaclyn Olmos-Silverman ’09

BHSEC “helped me become more well rounded and helped me understand more about our society.”

Johnny Garces ’05

“If I’m at a position where I can give more to BHSEC, I would do everything for the school because BHSEC was that one pivot in my life that I needed.”

Kayla Thomas and Bryan Williams

Ambitious, eager, and resilient are some of the adjectives that describe Kayla Thomas and Bryan Williams, two students who attend the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) Promise Academy.

Lenina Mortimer ’03

“I believe in BHSEC’s core values. It provided me a platform to go to school, to learn.”

Mamfatou Baldeh ’14

“Although my parents wanted me to go to college, it was theoretical. Being at BHSEC made me realize that I can do college, and I can do well.”

Nicholas Gumas ’11

“BHSEC’s small class sizes and discussions were invaluable.”

Nyla Rock-Vanloo ’03

“BHSEC provides an intellectual environment where students are challenged in untraditional ways.”

Olga Carmona ’03

“I had challenging professors who were caring and committed to see me succeed.”

Olivia Winn ’10

“I came out of BHSEC feeling much more confident in my own abilities, feeing like I had been given the tools to do whatever I wanted.”

Sherman Fabes ’09

“The lasting effects of my BHSEC education cannot be overemphasized. . . . The critical thinking skills and study skills I acquired at BHSEC made it possible for me to thrive at the Missouri School of Journalism and win an Emmy Award very early in my career.” 

Xavier Edwards ’14

“At BHSEC, I realized after a while that my thinking was different.”