The Bard Sequence

Drawing on the success of the Bard Early Colleges, the Bard Sequence is an authentic college experience in the liberal arts for high school students. Specifically, the Bard Sequence is composed of Bard’s signature interdisciplinary humanities Seminar Sequence, offered across four semesters. Taught by college professors selected and trained by Bard in early college pedagogy with course materials and resources developed by Bard, the Bard Sequence will build high school students’ writing, critical thinking, textual analysis, and communication skills and expose them to true college work. The Bard Sequence aims to enhance students’ high school experience and increase their chances of success in postsecondary degree programs.

The Bard Sequence consists of two year-long courses (totaling 12 Bard College credits) in the humanities that build upon one another, exploring themes of identity, disruption, and civilization through the exploration of canonical texts in history, literature, and philosophy. The Bard Sequence will be piloted in SY 2019-20.

Schools interested in the Bard Sequence can review our program overview document, the Bard Sequence course descriptions, or e-mail the offices of the Bard Early Colleges at