A completed online assessment is required to apply to BHSEC Brooklyn, in addition to the NY DOE High School Application. check the Department of Education’s website for deadline information.

About the Assessment and Rubric Components

The 2023-2024 BHSEC Assessment was created and developed by the BHSEC faculty and administration to assess applicants writing, thinking, and interest in an early college.

  • There are three parts to the assessment: two writing prompts and a short video statement.
  • The answers to the writing prompts are to be submitted through MySchools. They should be approximately 250-500 words or 1200-2500 characters per prompt. The answers should be well organized and well written, showing clarity, and creative or original thinking. 
  •  The video statement should be 2 minutes and uploaded to MySchools.  The applicant should be engaging, clear, and show signs of preparation.

For 2023-2024 Students will be ranked based on the following rubric components:

  • Humanities Response 30%
  • STEM Response 30%
  • Video Response 30%
  • Grade Point Average 10%

How to Take the Online Assessment

Before you begin our online assessment please read requirements and tips listed below:

Click HERE for the BHSEC Assessment.

Click HERE for the Department of Education’s Screened School Page.

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