We seek students who are intellectually curious and motivated to accept the challenge of pursuing a liberal arts college education after completing two years of high school, typically at the age of 16. It is our goal to provide our students with a challenging liberal arts curriculum that fosters and cultivates their intellectual curiosity and creativity. 

We assess students through a faculty-designed admissions process that includes writing and an interview. We seek to admit applicants from a wide range of backgrounds who demonstrate maturity, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning.

Diversity in Admissions Pilot

Working Towards Equity and Inclusion in a Segregated School System

BHSEC has been approved to join the city’s Diversity in Admissions pilot program, which was launched by Mayor De Blasio’s office in 2015 to combat the city’s deeply segregated school system. Under this initiative, schools are allowed to prioritize seats for low-income students; starting in 2021, the Department of Educations will hold  50% of the seats in the incoming class for students whose families qualify for free lunch. Participation in this program is an exciting advancement towards creating equity across New York City’s public school systems.

Learn more about applying here.

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