We are currently considering students for our Year 1 (11th grade) class. See events posted below:


Bard High School Early College is a public, non-specialized, and screened high school/early college.

Eighth-grade applicants who are interested in our program must fill out the Department of Education’s High School Application on MySchools. Please ask your guidance counselor for additional information about the high school ranking website. Students who are applying from private or parochial schools are advised to speak with their school’s principal or headmaster for guidance. Students may rank up to 12 non-specialized programs/schools on the Department of Education High School Application in addition to the specialized and audition high schools. Please note that students who apply to more than one NYC BHSEC must list these as separate choices. Please review program/school choices and carefully prioritize the list. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your guidance counselor and review the NYC High School Directory before ranking programs.

Students applying for early college

Applicant Profile

When reviewing applicants who apply to 9th grade at BHSEC Bronx, we generally look for:

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