College Transfer & Advising

The College Transfer Office (CTO) assists students in preparing for the college and financial aid application process and, postsecondary career planning. The CTO encourages BHSEC students to be well-informed, confident, and ambitious when considering their transition from BHSEC to four-year colleges. Students are assigned to a CTO advisor for a year and a half beginning in the spring of the first year of the college program. Weekly CTO advisory sessions teach students about the basics of building a college list, crafting a strong application, and applying for financial aid.

To this end, the CTO coordinates a number of offerings, including:

  • Meetings for 9th, 10th, Year 1, and Year 2 family members
  • An annual overnight CTO college trip for Year 1 students
  • Information sessions with admissions officers from colleges and universities across the U.S. and abroad
  • An annual college fair for Year 1 students
  • The PSAT for 10th and Year 1 students
  • An SAT / ACT  test prep course
  • An in-depth one-on-one meeting for Year I students with their CTO advisor, and a second meeting with the family.
  • Ongoing discussions with college admission officers about our unique program 
  • Support to students in the process of transferring credits to four year universities
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