Our Team


Dr. Matthew Park (Bard Sequence Director) oversees the Bard Sequence program in collaboration with partner schools and districts.  He previously taught courses in African history, literature, and film at BHSEC Newark from 2012-2021 and served as the Program Chair of Second Year Seminar for Bard Early College.

Dr. Dumaine Williams (Vice President and Dean of the Early College) oversees academic programming across the Bard Early College campuses and promotes the Sequence’s academic quality and integration with the broader Bard network. Dr. Williams was previously the founding principal of Bard High School Early College Newark and Bard High School Early College Cleveland.

DJ Hills (Partnerships Associate for the Early College) provides marketing and administrative support for the Bard Sequence.

Faculty: Sequence Seminar

Dr. K “Yawa” Agbemabiese (Faculty in Special Education and Global Studies, Program Chair, Bard High School Early College; Camden School District), BA, Ohio State University; MA, PhD, Ohio University

Dr. Rosa Schneider (Orange High School), B.A., English Literature, Reed College; M.A. and Ph.D., Theatre, Columbia University

Faculty: Sequence Electives

Dr. Francesca Gamber (Principal and Faculty in History, Bard High School Early College; Sequence Elective: “History of Black Baltimore,” Baltimore City Public Schools), B.A., Harvard University; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Dr. Richard Kurker (Faculty in History, Bard High School Early College; Sequence Elective: “Global History of Disease and Medicine,” Baltimore City Public Schools), B.S., Providence College; Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Dr. Patrick Oray (Faculty in Literature, Bard High School Early College; Sequence Elective: “Writing and Composition,” DC Charter School Consortium), BA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; MA, PhD, University of Iowa

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