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Dr. Matt Park (Director of the Bard Sequence) oversees the Bard Sequence program in collaboration with Sequence professors, partner schools, and funders.  He previously served as an Assistant Professor in African History and Global Social Science and taught courses in African history, literature, and film at BHSEC Newark from 2012-2021 and served as the Program Chair of Second Year Seminar for Bard Early College. Matt is passionate about curricular and pedagogical reform at the college and K-12 level, particularly with historically marginalized students. 

Dr. Dumaine Williams (Vice President and Dean of the Early College) oversees academic programming across the Bard Early College campuses and promotes the Sequence’s academic quality and integration with the broader Bard network. Dr. Williams was previously the founding principal of Bard High School Early College Newark and Bard High School Early College Cleveland.

Alysa Campbell-Hutson (Director of Policy and Strategy, Bard Early College) With a B.A. in Public Policy Analysis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a J.D. from Georgia State University College of Law, Alysa oversees the legal and strategic aspects of the Bard Sequence including MOUs with Sequence partners. Alysa enjoys supporting schools and programs to run best-in-class, tuition free college courses, particularly in service of students from historically underrepresented communities. She is excited about expanding Sequence to new markets.

Faculty: Sequence Seminar

Dr. Benjamin Bagocious (Associate Professor of the Humanities) Education: PhD in English, Indiana University; MA in English, Indiana University; MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry), The New School, New York, NY; BA with distinction in English, Kenyon College, Gambier, OH.   Sequence Partner: Thurgood Marshall Academy, IDEA Public Charter School Research and Teaching Interests: Dr. Benjamin Bagocius writes and teaches broadly across literature, spirituality, and queer thought. His book of poetry, The Canaanite Woman, was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers in 2022, and his second book of poetry, The Gospel According to B., is forthcoming from Unsolicited Press in 2024. Dr. Ben’s academic research appears in top-tier scholarly journals including Modernism/modernity, Criticism, Studies in the Novel, and is forthcoming in Modern Fiction Studies, and his poetry and essays appear in On Being, Tiferet, Santa Clara Review, Untold Volumes, The Other Journal, and elsewhere. Learn more and reach out at BenjaminBagocius.com. 

Dr. John Gunn: Education: Sequence Partner: South Bronx Community Charter High School Research  and Teaching Interests: 

Dr. Rosie Uyola: (Faculty in History) Haitian, born and raised in Moscow, Dr. Rosie Jayde Uyola emigrated to the U.S. in 1991 and attended Rutgers University at age 16, embodying Bard’s belief that many young people are ready and eager to do serious college work during high school. In addition to having 20 years of high school teaching experience, Rosie simultaneously taught undergraduate students at Rutgers University and graduate students at Fordham University over the past decade. They hold a B.A. in Economics, M.Ed. in Educational Technology (concentration: Computer Science), M.A. in American Studies, and a Ph.D. in American Studies. Rosie’s publications include “Memory and the Long Civil Rights Movement,” in The Seedtime, the Work, and the Harvest: New Perspectives on the Black Freedom Struggle in America (University of Florida Press, 2018), “The Digital City: Memory, History, and Public Commemoration,” Ácoma International Journal of North-American Studies, Italia (2015), “Home Sweet Home – Race, Housing, and the Foreclosure Crisis,” in The War on Poverty: A Retrospective (Lexington Books, 2014), “Race, Empire, and the Rise of the Mortgage Industrial Complex,” The Newark Experience Digital Archive (Rutgers University Libraries, 2013), and “Women in the Black Freedom Movement,” School Series Production of Harriet Tubman, New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC, 2008). 

Rosie has been appointed as a founding faculty member at Bard-Bronx, following interdisciplinary teaching at Bard-Newark (World History, College Financial Literacy, Bard Seminar, LGBTQIAA++ in the African Diaspora, and Introduction to Indigenous Studies). They are the president of the New York Metro chapter of the American Studies Association (NYMASA) and an NEH fellow at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem this summer. Dr. Uyola’s expertise and research interests include memory, commemoration, public art, and oral history. They find joy in filmmaking, cooking, travel, theatre, and playing music.  

Dr. Nico Veroli: (Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy) Education: MA, PhD in Philosophy, SUNY Binghamton Sequence Partner: Freedom Prep Public Charter School, Camden City Schools Research and Teaching Interests: Dr. Veroli is a political philosopher.  His interests include, European and Africana critical theory, feminist and queer theory, anarchism, and Marxism, as well as the history of philosophy, broadly construed.  He has published articles in both academic journals such as Constellations and The Radical Philosophy Review, as well as in the mainstream press (The Stranger, Portland Mercury).  Currently, he is at work on a project that brings together a critical theory of neoliberal civilization and a materialist account of the concept of recognition.

Professor Andrew Worthington (Associate Professor for the Bard Early Colleges, Sequence Dual Enrollment Program): Education: B.A., Literature, Bard College; M.F.A., Creative Writing, City College of New York; M.S., Special Education, Hunter College Sequence Partner: Orange High School, NJ  Research Interests: Mr. Worthington is the author of a novel and a short story collection, along with numerous pieces of short fiction, drama, cultural reportage, and political and labor commentary. His current projects include several fiction manuscripts and a monograph on American rank-and-file school worker organizing.

Faculty: Sequence Electives

Dr. K “Yawa” Agbemabiese: (Faculty in Special Education and Global Studies, Program Chair, Bard High School Early College; Camden School District), Education: BA, Ohio State University; MA, PhD, Ohio University. Sequence Electives: Gender Studies, Civic Engagement and Social Change, History of Disease, Medicine, and Society. Research and Teaching Interests: Current research focuses on education and gender dynamics amongst the Anlo Ewe of Ghana. Dr. Yawa, also known as Mama Dunenyo, carries the title of Queen Mother of Aborkutsime and is married to Torgbui Azaglo I (Dr. Padmore Agbemabiese). She is the founder of the Charles A. and Norma J. Grooms Education Foundation, which sponsors girls’ education in Abor, Ghana, and the owner of Dunenyo Education and Training Center, Abor, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa. 

Dr. Victoria Bampoh: ( Faculty in Chemistry) Education: Ph.D. Chemistry, Syracuse University, Sequence Electives: “The Science of Climate Change” Research and Teaching Interests: Lectured at University of Minnesota Rochester for four years and was engaged in research into innovative teaching and learning. Bard Early College faculty teaching students in Have Baltimore, MD,  Washington DC, and Denver, CO since 2016.

Dr. Hany Eldeib: ( Faculty in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Robotics) Education: M.S. and PhD. Systems Engineering, University of Virginia B.S. and M.S. Electrical Engineering, Cairo University Sequence Elective: “Computer Science” Research and Teaching Interests: Teaching and Equity in Computer Science and Engineering at the High School and College levels. 

Dr. Katie Singer: (Faculty in History & Writing) Education: Ph.D. American Studies, Rutgers University; M.F.A. Creative Writing, Fairleigh Dickinson University. Sequence Electives: Civic Engagement and Social Change; American History, 1960-Present; First-Year Seminar Research and Teaching Interests: Historic preservation, oral history, racial justice, African-American history, and culture. Her book on the Great Migration through the oral histories of Newark, New Jersey’s Krueger-Scott African-American Oral History Project with Rutgers University Press, is due out August 2024. She is also co-authoring the memoir of a previously incarcerated writer which will be published by Lived Places Publishing.

Professor Sweer Shah: (Assistant professor of Mathematics) Education:  B.E Electrical Engineering, M.S Mathematics, MEd Curriculum & Instruction Sequence Elective: “College Algebra” “Introduction to Statistics and Probability” Research and Teaching Interests: A wide variety of college courses ranging from remedial math to advanced math courses. Research interests include: Applications of differential equations in science and engineering and Mathematics education and mathematical problem-solving. Dr. Paul Hansen: ( Faculty in Literature) Education: PhD in English, University of Wisconsin-Madison; BA in English and Photography, Oberlin College; AA, Bard College at Simon’s Rock Sequence Elective: Writing and Composition Research and Teaching Interests: Research interests include contemporary American literature, interdisciplinary humanities, and ongoing changes in higher education. Since 2017, he has taught Second Year Seminar and electives focused on Midwest Regionalism.

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