The Bard Sequence is an early college model that enables high school students to engage in rigorous college courses in the liberal arts and sciences and begin their postsecondary studies at an earlier age, cost-free. Sequence is focused on reaching students underrepresented in higher education, including Black, Latinx, low-income, and first-generation students. 

The Bard Sequence fundamentally changes students’ high school experiences by allowing them to learn in a different way and by helping them develop critical knowledge, skills, confidence and momentum towards the postsecondary paths of their choosing. Through Sequence, students have access to a menu of signature Bard courses, in person and through virtual and hybrid learning, that are applicable towards high school graduation requirements and college degree programs across the country. Courses are taught by trained early college faculty and rooted in Bard’s student-centered, writing- and discussion-based pedagogy. Classes are small (capped at 25) and centered around student voice. 

Students in class

Throughout the Sequence curriculum, courses are designed to expose students to a diverse array of seminal texts and ideas, including those that connect to students’ backgrounds and lived experiences, and bring older and contemporary works addressing similar themes into conversation with one another.

Visit the Bard Seminar Sequence and Bard Electives pages to learn more or browse our course descriptions of course offerings.

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