Bard Sequence Electives

Bard Sequence Electives explore a range of topics based around the interest and need of our partner sites and the academic background of Sequence faculty. Each three-credit course is designed to pique students’ interest in diverse subjects while also building students’ confidence and fluency in skills that translate across disciplinary lines, including textual analysis, argumentation and discussion, and academic writing. The electives course catalog is updated each semester based on feedback from our existing and new partners.  

Bard Sequence Offerings in the Division of Language and Literature include Seminar, Creative Writing, and Writing and Composition. 

In the Division of Social Science, we offer Introduction to African American History, Introduction to Latin American History, Global History of Disease, Medicine, and Society, Drugs and Empires in World History, American History, 1960 to the Present, and Introduction to Gender Studies.

The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Computing offers Introduction to Computer Science, College Algebra, Introduction to Statistics & Probability, Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, and The Science of Climate Change. 


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