Bard High School Early College Manhattan

Welcome to the Deans' Page


Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 to 3:20 pm (7th period) at BHSEC Manhattan are Deans’ Hours. This time is designed for weekly community academic and artistic events and is held open for all faculty and students.

While Deans’ Hours are the time exclusively dedicated to such activities, our calendar also includes a number of additional events similar in function but held at different times. Many of these are noted below.

Note: All lectures are tied to curriculum and many require advance reading and preparation by students.

09/16/15    Writing & Thinking Celebratory Readings

09/30/15    "The Genesis of the Canon
                    and the Canonical Status
                    of Genesis; or, is Eve to
                    be Blamed or Celebrated?"
                    Professor Bruce Matthews, Social Studies Faculty
                    Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

10/07/15    Fall Community Day

10/07/15    Ariadne Greif, “Concert and Lecture”
                  (11:45-12:35, Rm. 202)

10/14/15    “Choosing What is Right: Arguments and Authority in
                    the Bible and the Iliad”
                    David Levene
                    Professor and Chair of Classics Department
                    New York University

10/16/15    Hunter College Dance Company
                  (9:00 AM)

10/16/15    Peter Silberman
                  "Lecture and Concert"
                  (3:20 PM, Library)

10/19/15    Leon Botstein
                  “Welcome Lecture for Year One Students”
                   (9:50 AM)

10/21/15    Fall Opportunities Fair

10/28/15    Film Festival (curated by Anna Dolan)

11/04/15    "Jazz and Democracy"
                   Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Concert

11/11/15    Veterans Day

11/18/15    Yelena Beriyeva, Concert and Lecture

12/02/15    STAGE Film Presentation, “The Hunting Ground”

12/4/15    "In Plato’s Cave"
                  Jay Elliott
                  Assistant Professor of Philosophy
                  Bard College
                  (11:45 AM)

12/09/15    "Augustine and the Rhetoric of Autobiography"
                    George Baroud
                    Postdoctoral Fellow
                    New York University

12/11/15    "Things Fall Apart: The Egyptian Revolution and Aftermath"
                    James Ketterer
                    Dean of International Studies, Bard
                    Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
                    (12:40 PM)

12/16/15    Winter Concert and Art Exhibit

12/23/15    BHSEC Step Team Performance and Presentation

01/06/16    Concert with Randall Despommier and Jason Yeager

01/13/16    Fall Theater Production, Kafka’s The Trial
                  (Directed by Anna Dolan)

01/15/16    "On Saint Augustine and Education"
                    Joy Connolly
                   Professor of Classics
                   Dean for the Humanities
                   New York University
                   (11:45 AM)

01/20/16    Finals

01/27/16    Regents week

02/03/16    "Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance"
                   Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

02/05/16    "On Kafka"
                    Franz Kempf
                    Professor of German
                    Bard College
                    (11:45 AM)

02/10/16    Spring Activities Fair

02/12/16    “On Woolf”
                   Mark Hussey
                   Professor Englsh
                   Pace University
                   (12:40 PM)

02/24/16    "Reading the Renaissance”
                   Thomas Martin
                   Professor of Art History
                   BHSEC Manhattan

02/26/16    “Gay Rights and Latin America”
                   Omar Encarnación
                   Professor of Political Studies
                   Bard College
                   (10:50 AM)

03/02/16    “Digging up the Past: How do we Discover New Texts from the Ancient World?"
                    Lauren Curtis
                    Assistant Professor of Classics
                    Bard College

03/09/16    Spring Community Day

03/16/16    "The Caliphate and the Transformation of Culture from the Near East to Europe"
                   Abigail Balbale
                   Assistant Professor Islamic Art and Material Culture
                   Bard Graduate Center

03/16/16    Teddy Uzamere, BHSEC ‘13
                   “Early avoidance of a
                    heroin-paired taste-cue and
                    subsequent addiction-like behavior
                    in rats”

03/23/16    Mock ACT

03/30/16    “Concert/lecture on Chopin and the Holocaust”
                   Roger Peltzman
                   Third Street Music Faculty

04/06/16    “On Montaigne”
                   Tabetha Ewing
                   Associate Professor of History
                   Bard College

04/13/16    "Talk about The Disappeared, a Documentary about
                   Argentina's Dirty War"
                   Peter Sanders, Filmmaker

04/20/16    “Reception Studies in Classics”
                   Andrea Kouklanakis, Classics Faculty
                   BHSEC Manhattan

05/04/16    "The Rest is Silence: Hamlet and Uncertainty"
                   Ian Bickford
                   Bard College at Simon's Rock

05/11/16    "Design and Decision: Decision-Making in Pride and Prejudice"
                   Zach Holbrook
                   Literature Faculty
                   BHSEC Manhattan

05/18/16    "Jazz and Civil Rights"
                   Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

05/25/16    Spring Concert and Art Exhibit

06/01/16    Spring Theater Production