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Deans' Hour

"Deans’ hours" are the time designated weekly for community academic and artistic events. These guest lectures, panel presentations, performances, and student-organized symposia provide a collective forum for students and faculty to witness the application of ideas explored in the classroom to the real-worlds of scholarly investigation, scientific experiment, and community life. Wednesdays 2:30 – 3:20pm (7th period), except as otherwise noted.

Deans’ Hour Performance and Lecture Series
Fall 2015  

09/16/15               Writing & Thinking Celebratory Readings


09/30/15               "The Genesis of the Canon and the Canonical Status of Genesis;
                                  or, is Eve to be Blamed or Celebrated?"

                                  Professor Bruce Matthews, Social Studies Faculty
                                  Bard High School Early College, Manhattan


10/07/15               Fall Community Day


10/07/15               Ariadne Greif, “Concert and Lecture”
                                11:45-12:35, Rm. 202


10/14/15               “On Genesis and the Iliad”
                                 David Levene, Professor and Chair of Classics   
                                 Department, New York University


10/16/15                   Peter Silberman
                                 "Lecture and Concert"
                                   3:20 PM, Library


10/19/15                    Leon Botstein
                                   “Welcome Lecture for Year One Students”
                                     9:50 AM


10/21/15               Fall Opportunities Fair


11/04/15               "Jazz and Democracy"
                                  Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Concert


11/13/15                "Things Fall Apart:  The Egyptian Revolution and Aftermath"
                                 James Ketterer, Dean of International Studies, Bard College 
                                 Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program
                                 12:40 PM


11/18/15                Yelena Beriyeva, Concert and Lecture



11/20/15               "On Plato"
                                  Jay Elliott, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
                                  Bard College (11:45 AM)


12/09/15               "On Augustine"
                                  Joy Connolly, Professor of Classics
                                  New York University


12/16/15               Winter Concert and Art Exhibit



12/16/15               “On Woolf”
                                  Mark Hussey, Professor of English
                                  Pace University


01/06/16               “On Dante”
                                  Karen Sullivan  
                                  Irma Brandeis Professor of Romance Literature and Culture
                                  Bard College


01/13/16               Fall Theater Production


01/20/16               Finals         


01/27/16               Regents week


02/03/16               "Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance"
                                 Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra


02/05/16               "On Kafka"
                                  Franz Kempf, Professor of German
                                  Bard College (11:45 AM)