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Bard High School Early College Manhattan
525 East Houston Street,
New York, NY 10002

212-777-4702 Fax

212-995-8479 x2040

[email protected]

School Contacts


Stephen Chaterpaul, 212-995-8479 x2282,
[email protected]

Assistant Principal of Administration

Christina Canty, 212-995-8479,
[email protected]

Assistant Principal of Special Education and Instruction

Kara Studwell, 212-995-8479,
[email protected]

Dean of Academic Life

William Hinrichs, 212-995-8479,
[email protected]

Dean of Studies

Adeodat Ilboudo, 212-995-8479 x4072,
[email protected]

Admissions Director

Quincee Robinson, 212-995-8479 x2041,
[email protected]

College Transfer Office Director

Beth Cheikes, 212-995-8479 x2092,
[email protected]

Director of Equity and Inclusion Programs

Jasmine Coombs, 212-995-8479 x2042,
[email protected]

Student Activities

Jess Dagg, 212-995-8479 x2221,
[email protected]

Parent Coordinator

Carol Turitz, 212-995-8479 x2281,
[email protected]


Caitlin Hamrin, 212-995-8479,
[email protected]

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