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Dean’s Hour Lecture Series Archive

“Remarks Welcoming Year One Students to the BHSEC College Program”

President Leon Botstein, Bard College (9/21)


The Genesis of the Canon and the Canonicity of Genesis; Or, Is Eve to be Blamed or Celebrated?” 

Professor Bruce Matthews, Philosophy, BHSEC Manhattan (9/29)


“Emerging from and Coping with Isolation” 

Malia Du Mont, Chief of Staff and VP for Strategy & Policy, Bard College (10/13)


On the Battlefield with the Song of God: An Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita Professor Richard Davis, Bard College (10/20)


The Ledger and the Chain: How Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America Professor Joshua Rothman, University of Alabama (10/25)


Interracial Families from Aristotle to Heliodorus, and Beyond to the New World” 

Professor Andrea Kouklanakis, Classics, BHSEC Manhattan (10/27)


Faith in the Future of the Race: A 100-Year Celebration of W.E.B. Du Bois’ The Brownies’ Book” 

Professor Kesi Augustine, Literature (11/1)


Calypso and Odysseus: Gendered (In)Stability and Its Manifestations in the Odyssey” 

Professor Melissa Marturano, Classics, BHSEC Queens (11/3)


“On Developing Intersectionality as a Praxis” 

Dr. Monique W. Morris, Grantmakers for Girls of Color (11/8)               


The Artist Denied: W. E. B. Du Bois, The Black Flame, and the Art of Fiction”

Professor Lavelle Porter, CUNY (11/15) 


“What’s so tragic about Greek tragedy?” 

Professor David Clark, Classics, BHSEC Manhattan (11/17)


The Unexpected Path: Reflections on Becoming a China Expert

Dr. Keisha Brown, Tennessee State University (11/29)


“Disease, Death, and Du Bois: Fragments of Public Health History” 

Mark Williams, Jr. Columbia University and Hannah Arendt Center (12/1)   


“Turbulent Ice: Dance and Science in the Arctic” 

Jody Sperling, Founder/Artistic Director Time Lapse Dance (12/8)


“On Plato’s Republic 

Professor Bruce Matthews, Philosophy, BHSEC Manhattan (12/20)


“On Community Supported Agriculture” 

Ella Schwarzbaum (1/12)


“On A Room of One’s Own” 

Professor Ria Banerjee, CUNY (1/19)


Rich Man, Poor Man: Considering Class in the Middle Ages and at the Metropolitan Museum” 

Melanie Holcomb, Curator of Medieval Art, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (2/9)


“Changing the Narrative on West African Women” 

Dionne Searcey, New York Times Journalist, Author and Pulitzer Prize Winner (2/16)


“From India to Iraq to Iberia; Or Just How ‘Western’ is Western Literature, Anyway?” 

Ryan Szpiech, University of Michigan (3/7)


“What Can Medieval Art Teach Us About Systemic Racism?” 

Dr. Maggie Williams (3/9)


“On Petrarch and Bocaccio” 

Professor Joe Luzzi, Comparative Literature, Bard College (3/15)


The Gospel According to B. / Poems, A reading and conversation about queer and mystical poems in narrative verse of Jesus of Nazareth’s coming of age. 

Benjamin Bagocius (Bard Sequence, DC) (3/28)


“Substantive Due Process and the Constitutional Right To Privacy” 

Hon. Joseph E. Gubbay, BHSEC Manhattan (4/6)


“The Poetic Impulse” 

Professor Jesse Garcés Kiley, BHSEC Manhattan (4/13)


“How Uncertainty Unfolds” 

Tongji Philip Qian, BHSEC DC (5/4)


Professor Mazie and Panel on Supreme Court and Abortion Rights (5/5)


“On Cross-Dressing and the Vikings” 

Prof. Lahney Preston-Matto, Adelphi University (5/9)


“Postcolonial West African Literature: Emerging Voices” 

Prof. Ursula Embola, BHSEC Manhattan (5/16)


“Threat of Dissent: A History of Ideological Exclusion and Deportation in the United States”

Professor Julia Rose Kraut (5/23)


Asian Pacific Americans in the New York State Judiciary: The Challenges Faced, the Progress Made, and Looking Forward” 

Judge Lilian Wan (6/1)

9/21            “Death and Friendship in the Iliad”

Professor David Clark, Classics, Bard High School Early College

9:00 AM


9/21            “On Bard Summerscape”

Professor Christopher Gibbs, Co-artistic Director, The Orchestra Now


9/22            “On Ellington, Bartok and Chevalier de Saint-Georges”

President Leon Botstein, Artistic Director, The Orchestra Now

12:30 PM


10/5            “Women and Foreign Policy”

Professor Elmira Bayrasli, Director, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program (BGIA)


10/15          “Our Voices: A Conversation on Youth Voting”

Chris Stauffer, March for Our Lives, Co-Executive Director

4:30 PM


10/19          “Every Vote Counts: A Conversation about Getting out the Vote”

Harold Ekeh, Co-Founder, Every Vote Counts


10/20          Lamentation, Gender, and the Heroic Ethos: The Iliad’s Andromache

            Professor Melissa Marturano, Hunter College


10/26          “The Fight to Vote: Challenges Past and Present”

Michael Waldman, President, Brennan Center, NYU


10/27          “The Genesis of the Canon and the Canonical Status of Genesis; or, is Eve to be

Blamed or Celebrated?”

           Professor Bruce Matthews, Philosophy, BHSEC Manhattan

                     4:30 PM


11/5            “Framing Privacy”

Professor Jason Schulman, Social Studies, Judith S. Kaye Fellow, BHSEC Queens

4:30 PM


11/9            “Greek Tragedy in the 21st Century”

Professor Lauren Curtis, Classics, First Year Seminar Program Director, Bard College


11/16          “Organ Donation: 5 minutes to save 8 lives”

Chirag Raj, Founder, Organ Donation Awareness Corporation (ODAC)


11/23          “An MD Made in America”

Dr. Inginia Genao, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Aunt of Raquel and Roxanna Delgado, ‘20, Yale University


11/30          “W. E. B. Du Bois, Black Literature, and Black Life” 

           Professor Lavelle Porter, CUNY


12/7            “Adding injury to insult: Poetry and Law in Greek and Early Irish poetic language”

Professor Andrea Kouklanakis, Classics, BHSEC Manhattan


12/14           “Plato’s Retreat: The Allegory of the Cave, Digitized”

Professor Bruce Matthews, Philosophy, BHSEC Manhattan


1/4              “Making The Daily Show: The hows and whys of political comedy in the 2020s”

Daniel Radosh (comedy writer)


1/5              “Sighting the Non-sites: Code-meshing of Location and Movement in Contemporary


Professor Tongji Philip Qian, Visual Arts, BHSEC DC


1/11            “Digital Advertising”

Johan Gunawan, Social Studies, Visiting Adjunct, BHSEC Manhattan


1/14            “What is Seminar?”

Professor Patrick Oray, Literature, FYS Program Chair, BHSEC Baltimore


1/25            “To the Lighthouse: Virginia Woolf on War and Women”

Professor Ria Banerjee, Guttman College


2/1            “A New Politics of Care: On COVID-19, Social Justice and Health Care Reform”

Professor Gregg Gonsalves, Yale University


2/3              “Augustine the Reader, and his Readers

Professor David Ungvary, Classics, Bard College


2/23         “Dante Without Footnotes: Personal Reflections on The Divine Comedy”

Professor Joseph Luzzi, Literature, Bard College

4:30 PM


2/24            “In the beginning was the word: New Testament basics and the problem of


Professor David Clark, Classics, BHSEC Manhattan


3/9             “Threat of Dissent”: Immigration, Ideology and Deportation

Dr. Julia Rose Kraut, Scholar, Writer and Judith S. Kaye Fellow


3/15            “Zora’s Epic: Their Eyes Were Watching God and Vergil’s Aeneid

Prof. Christian Lehmann, Literature, BHSEC Cleveland


3/22            “The Gospel According to B: A Queer Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth’s Life in


Professor Ben Bagocius, Literature, BHSEC Cleveland


4/12            “’The Play’s the Thing:’ What Are We Talking About When We Talk About


Professor Jane Wanninger, Literature, Bard College at Simon’s Rock


4/19            “Police Encounters – The 4th Amendment and You”

Judge Joseph Gubbay, Literature, BHSEC Manhattan


4/26            “The Coolest Things I’ve Found

Joanne Baron, Social Studies, BHSEC Newark


5/3              “Listening to Kafka’s Sirens”

Professor David Copenhafer, Literature, BHSEC Queens


5/11            “On Youth Economy, Crisis and Reinvention in Twenty-First Century China:

Morning Sun in the Tiny Times”

Professor Faye Xiao, University of Kansas

5:00 PM


5/12            “I will always include BLACK people and other mantras for (y)our anti-racist


Professor Cassandra St. Vil, Social Studies, BHSEC D.C.

4:30 PM



5/20            “Humanitarian Assistance in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”

Basma Alloush, Policy and Advocacy Adviser, Norwegian Refugee Council



5/24            “Pride and Prejudice: Truth, Murder, and Ten Pound Notes”

Professor Emily Hayman, Director Bard Sequence


5/26            “Justice, Crime, Equality and Evidence in the 21st Century”

Professor Karen Miner-Romanoff, New York University

4:30 PM


6/7              “Traveling Epic: Gilgamesh and the Global Humanities”

Professor Alex Forte, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“The Bible, And Other Stories We Tell Ourselves” (6/3/2020)
Minister Joshua Narcisse, BHSEC ’12

“Supreme Court in the Era of Covid-19″ (4/29/2020)
Professor Steven Mazie, Social Studies Faculty, BHSEC

9/6              “Remarks Welcoming Year One Students to the BHSEC College Program,” President Leon Botstein, Bard College

9/12            “Women and Foreign Policy,” Elmira Bayrasli, Co-Founder, Foreign Policy Interrupted; Professor, BGIA

9/26            “Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business,” Rana Foroohar, CNN

10/3            “On the Iliad,” Professor David Clark, Classics,  Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

10/10          “Reception Theory and the Classical Canon,” Professor Andrea Kouklanakis, Classics,   Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

10/3            “On the Iliad,”  Professor David Clark, Classics,   Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

10/10          “Reception Theory and the Classical Canon,” Professor Andrea Kouklanakis, Classics, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

10/24          André Aciman “On Writing”

10/31        “On Archeology and African American Experience,” Professor Brittany Brown, Social Studies Faculty,  Bard High School Early College, Queens

11/7            ECO Presentation

11/14          “On Du Bois,” Professor Lavelle Porter

11/21          “Writing Outside the Academy,”  BHSEC Faculty Writers (Agredo, Augustine, Dolan, Graciano, Mazie), Children’s Literature, Spoken Word, Theater, Journalism, Short Stories

“Plato’s Retreat:  The Allegory of the Cave, Digitized” (9/13/17)
Professor Bruce Matthews, Social Studies Faculty, BHSEC

“Death and Friendship in the Iliad”  (9/29/17)
Professor David Clark, World Languages Faculty, BHSEC

“The Genesis of the Canon and the Canonical Status of Genesis; or, is Eve to be Blamed or Celebrated?” (10/4/17)
Professor Bruce Matthews, Social Studies Faculty, BHSEC

“Archeology of Ancient Cities”  (10/6/17)
Professor Uzma Rizvi, Pratt Institute

“An American in Mzansi: Lessons on Social Politics, Justice and Sexuality in South Africa” (10/18/17)
Professor Rachael Gibson, Health Faculty, BHSEC

White Supremacy and the Distribution of Legal Authority in America” (11/1/17)
Anna Lind Guzik, BHSEC

“114 Years of Souls: From Jim Crow to #BlackLivesMatter” (11/3/17)
Professor Kirin Wachter-Grene

“Let’s Go Down to Dungeon-Town: Some Notes on Designing  a Game” (11/8/17)
Professor Zach Holbrook, Literature Faculty, BHSEC

“Give me liberty or give me debt” (11/15/17)
Deroy Murdock, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

“Origins and Adaptations: The FHA and Multi-Family Housing in Queens” (11/22/17)
Nick Shatan’10, K’18

“Science Fiction and Classical Literature, Olaf Stapledon: Posthuman Tragedy” (1129/17)
Professor Samuel Cooper, World Languages Faculty, BHSEC Queens

“Feeding the World, Feeding Ourselves” Part II (12/13/17)
Rene Marion, Director of Education, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

“Jazz Diplomacy: Representing the Challenges of American Democracy” (12/15/17)
James Ketterer, Dean of International Studies, Bard College

The Metaphysics of the Pythagorean Theorem” (1/3/18)
Professor Robert Hahn, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

To the Lighthouse: Virginia Woolf on War and Women” (1/12/18)
Professor Ria Banerjee, Guttman Community College, CUNY

In the beginning was the word: New Testament basics and the problem of translation” (1/31/18)
David Clark, World Languages Faculty, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

Vanguard African-American Literary Studies (2/14/18)
Professor Kesi Augustine, Literature Faculty, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

On Public Health in New York” (2/28/18)
Fabienne Laraque, MD, MPH, P’18, Medical Director, NYC Dept of Homeless Services/Dept of Social Services

On Dante (3/8/18)
Professor Joe Luzzi, Bard Annandale

The Caliphate and the Transformation of Culture from the Near East to Europe (3/14/18)
Professor Abigail Balbale, Bard Graduate Center

New Perspectives and Approaches to Justice” (3/21/18)
Joseph Gubbay, Judge for the New York City Criminal Court for Kings County,  NY

“Inquiry Project Panel” (3/23/18)

On Hamlet” (3/28/18)
Professor Adhaar Noor Desai, Bard Annandale

From Molecule to Medicine” (4/11/18)
Corinne Gamper, Pfizer

Contingent Homes, Contingent Nation: Rwandan Settlers in Uganda, 1911-64″ (4/18/18)
Professor Ashley Rockenbach, Social Studies Faculty, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

Classics and Food” (4/25/18)
Andrew Colletti, History and Food Educator

On Climate Change (5/2/18)
Professor Sonali McDermid, NYU

“On the Holocaust” (5/4/18)
Helga Shepard

Design and Decision: Decision-Making in Pride and Prejudice (5/16/18)
Professor Zach Holbrook, Literature Faculty, Bard High School Early College, Manhattan

“A Firsthand History Lesson: A Story of Survival” (5/16/18)
Sonia Goldstein

“Symposium Day Speech”  (6/2/18)
Giorgina Dopico, Dean for Humanities, New York University Faculty of Arts and Science

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