Bard High School Early College Manhattan


When reviewing applicants who apply to 9th or 10th grade to BHSEC Manhattan, we generally look for:
  • a grade point average of 85% or above
  • no more than 10 unexcused absences or 10 tardies for the school year
To be considered for admissions, all students must take the BHSEC math and writing assessments, come in for an interview, and complete the Department of Education's High School Application. The requirements for students with disabilities will be modified based on their IEP.

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How to Apply

1. If you fit our admissions profile, reserve a seat at our next writing and math assessment. If applying to both schools, you only need to take the assessment once. Please do not register for an assessment at both places. Click here to register.

2. Bring a copy of your 7th grade report card on the day you are scheduled to take the assessment. The report card is for our records and will not be returned to you.

3. Rank BHSEC Manhattan and/or BHSEC Queens on your Department of Education (DOE) High School Application. Remember, if you are applying to both BHSEC Manhattan and BHSEC Queens, you need to list them as two separate choices. The Program Code for the Manhattan campus is M51A, and the Program Code for the Queens campus is Q74B. Click here for more information on the DOE high school admission process.

4. Students who demonstrate strong abilities in their grades and the assessment will be invited to an interview at BHSEC. Not all students will be asked to interview at BHSEC. We will contact students by email if they are eligible for an interview. This is the final step in the BHSEC admission process.

Special Education Information Session

For students with an IEP or who receive special education services for 20% or more of the school day.

ROUND TWO 8th grade special education applicants are invited to attend the special education information session Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Please RSVP here

For current 7th grade students and families to learn about the special education opportunities and services at Bard High School Early College.
Next information session will be in Spring 2017.  Check back for online registration information. 


All open houses for students interested in attending BHSEC in Fall 2017 have been completed. Please check back for upcoming events.
Please keep in mind that attending an open house or tour is not a requirement for admission to BHSEC. Students are not penalized in any way during the admissions process by not visiting BHSEC prior to applying.