Division of Languages and Literature

Brian Chappell

Faculty in American Literature
BA, Boston College; MA, Georgetown; PhD, The Catholic University of America.      
I am a fifth-generation Washingtonian, and I live in Brightwood Park with my wife Liz and daughters Sydney and Beverly. My intellectual focus is on postmodern and contemporary fiction, philosophy, cultural study, rhetoric, and narrative theory. I am particularly interested in how works of fiction reflect emerging religious modalities in a post-secular context. I am also interested in contemporary thought on violence and non-violence, especially as it appears in fiction. I am always trying to improve my French, so I am eager to connect with other speakers.

Yumin Deng

Faculty in Chinese Language and Culture
BS, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University; MEd, Shenzen University.     
I have been active in international education in China and the US for over six years, working in both teaching and counseling roles. What motivates me is seeing my students become self-confident learners, seeing them achieve their goals, and watching them develop new language and cross-cultural skills. I hold a master’s degree in Education with a focus on student mental health and a Bachelors in Computer Science. My teaching style draws on this background by bringing technology to the classroom and emphasizing interpersonal student engagement. I’m very excited to be part of Bard DC’s community!

Michael Horka

Faculty in American Literature
BBA, University of Michigan-Dearborn; MA, George Washington University;      
Dr. Michael Horka was born in Detroit and lived in a variety of places in the Great Lakes State before moving to the District. He worked in marketing and communications during the 2000s, but found himself increasingly unsatisfied. He eventually uprooted to pursue graduate work in American Studies at George Washington University. His research and writing at GW has focused upon cultural representations of climate change, most especially those of science fiction and other forms of speculative artistry. When he’s not teaching you can find Michael reading, watching stand-up comedy, playing tennis, walking around the city, and badgering people to imagine (and create) the world we all need.

Ricardo Huaman

Faculty in Spanish Language and Culture
BA, University of California, Los Angeles; MA, Duke University; PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.      
Dr. Huaman is a native English and Spanish speaker from Los Angeles, California of Peruvian and Mexican descent. I specialize in medieval and Golden Age Spanish literature along with language instruction. I majored in Spanish and Italian with a Special Field in French at UCLA. At Duke University, I received a master’s degree in Romance Studies (Spanish). I earned a Ph.D. in Romance Languages & Literatures (Spanish) at UNC-Chapel Hill. I have also taught ESL at all levels, from Pre-K to adults, in South Korea and the U.S. I recently launched my YouTube channel, The Spanish Doctor, to teach Spanish to the masses.

Pedro Rodrigo

Faculty in Spanish Language and Culture
BA, University of Chicago; MA, Georgetown; MA, St. John’s College; PhD, The Catholic University of America.      
Literacy Studies, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; MFA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; PhD, University of Cincinnati
PhD in Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures (Spanish), with a Graduate Certificate in Film Studies from the University of Cincinnati. M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the National University of Colombia, and B.A in Literary Studies from this same university. Previously worked in the fields of academic publishing, translation and second language acquisition. His research interests include contemporary Latin American literature, contemporary Colombian narrative, creative writing, digital humanities, and film studies. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mika Turim-Nygren

Faculty in American Literature
BA, University of Florida; MA, University of Chicago; PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago.      
Although born in New York and raised in Florida, Mika Turim-Nygren hails most recently from Chicago, where she recently earned her PhD in American literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago. There, she wrote her dissertation on dialect literature – as in the moment when everyone started writing in accents – and its role in the rise of modern nationalism, both here and abroad. She has published a peer-reviewed article on Mark Twain’s modernism, and has another essay forthcoming about the literary representation of birthright citizenship. She has been teaching literature and composition for the past ten years, including courses on African American, immigrant, and women authors. Outside the classroom, she enjoys running, camping, dancing, drawing, cooking, and (of course) reading.

Hsuan-Ying Liu

Faculty in Chinese Language and Culture
BA, Yuan-Ze University; PhD University of Arizona.      
Dr. Hsuan-Ying Liu received her Ph.D. in Chinese Applied Linguistics with specialization in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language from the University of Arizona. Before joining Bard DC, she was the Director of the Chinese Studies Program at the University of North Dakota. Dr. Liu has substantial experience in teaching a wide range of courses (from first-year Chinese language to advanced culture courses) as well as from different institutions (from pre-college to college levels). Her research interests include Chinese Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Chinese language pedagogy in high school and college settings.

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