Bard DC Open Open House Schedule:

The Office of Admission at Bard High School Early College is committed to recruiting motivated young adults from all neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. We seek students who are intellectually curious and motivated to accept the challenge of pursuing a liberal arts college education after completing two years of high school, typically at the age of 16. It is our goal to provide our students with a challenging liberal arts curriculum that fosters and cultivates their intellectual curiosity and creativity. 

We assess students through a qualitative admissions process that includes an interview and a faculty-designed writing assessment. We seek to admit applicants from a wide range of backgrounds who demonstrate maturity, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning.


The Bard High School Early College admissions process includes participation in an open house or admission session, an individual interview with a Bard staff member, our writing assessment, and a math and English teacher recommendation. Bard DC does not review middle school records or standardized tests as part of admissions for the 9th grade. However, for transfer 11th grade students we do review 9th and first semester 10th grade report cards at your current school.  In addition to our internal admissions process, students are also required to complete the MySchoolDC application for the 2024-2025 SY.

Bard DC Post Lottery Application Instructions

In order to be considered for admission into Bard DC for the 24-25 school year students must complete ALL THREE of the following by February 1, 2024, any applications completed after February 1, 2024 will be a post lottery application:

  1. MySchoolDC:  Please complete a Lottery Application to be considered for admission to Bard DC. 
  2. Interviews and Essays: You must attend our in-person interview process, including an on-site essay. *The link to sign up for an interview will be sent after completing the MySchoolDc Application
  3. Important Reminders: The virtual Open House will be on Wednesday, January 10th. The In-person Open House will be on Wednesday, January 24th.
  4. Eligible Students: All 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade students are encouraged to apply.

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