Division of Social Sciences

K “Yawa” Agbemabiese

Faculty in Special Education and Global Studies; Program Chair
BA, Ohio State University; MA, PhD, Ohio University.
Dr. K. “Yawa” Agbemabiese is currently faculty of Special Education at Bard DC and teaches elective courses in History and Women and Gender Studies. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Foundations, as well as a graduate certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Ohio University. Dr. Yawa completed a Master of Arts Degree in International Affairs, and African Studies from Ohio University, and a Bachelor of Arts in African American and African Studies from The Ohio State University. Her current research focuses on education and gender dynamics amongst the Anlo Ewe of Ghana. Dr. Yawa is the founder of the Charles A. and Norma J. Grooms Education Foundation, which sponsors girls’ education in Abor, Ghana, and the owner of Dunenyo Education and Training Center, Abor, Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Nyagoa Bayak

Faculty in American Social Sciences

Eric Ofori Bekoe

Faculty in Global Social Sciences

DA (St. John’s University, NY); MA (History), University of Toledo; MA (English), University of Toledo; BA (History & Philosophy), University of Ghana.

Dr. Bekoe has been teaching since 1989, first in Ghana then in the United States. For over fifteen years, he worked with The College of New Rochelle as an Assistant Professor of Curriculum Development, Instruction, and Assessment. He later transitioned to Mercy College in 2019. His academic interests are reflected in the many areas of his teaching. Eric has publications in the Journal of Pan African Studies, Africa Today, African Studies Quarterly, and a host of other places. He was also Associate Editor of the PanAfrikan Times.

Milorad Lazic

Faculty in Global Social Sciences

BA in History – The University of Belgrade, Serbia; MA in History – Central Connecticut State University; PhD in History – George Washington University

Milorad earned his Ph.D. in History with a focus on the Global Cold War in the 1970s. He is the author of Unmaking Détente: Yugoslavia, the United States, and the Global Cold War, 1968–1980 (Lexington Books, 2022). His current research explores the links between socialist Eastern Europe and the decolonization of Africa. Milorad’s works appeared in Nationalities Papers, World History Commons, Annual for Social History (Belgrade), Sources and Methods, Balkanist Magazine, Connecticut History, and several edited volumes. Before joining Bard DC, Milorad taught history in different high schools, colleges, and universities in Serbia and the United States.

Michael Sigrist

Faculty in Global Social Sciences; Dean of Studies – Humanities
BA, MA, Miami University; PhD, SUNY Stony Brook.      
Dr. Michael J. Sigrist trained in philosophy and has a special interest in the philosophy of history. His research focus and publications range over topics in ethics, value theory, personal identity, and the philosophy of literature. He is co-editor of Time and the Philosophy of Action published by Routledge in 2016. After living in Germany doing research at the University of Cologne, Dr. Sigrist moved to DC to teach philosophy in the Philosophy Department at George Washington University. He has also previously taught at American University and George Mason University. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Miami University and a PhD from Stony Brook University. He lives with his three children in a beautiful neighborhood in Ward 7.

Samuel Slattery

Faculty in Global Social Sciences

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