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Hosting an Event

Are you a community organization or school that can host a community-wide assessment or informational session?

Please e-mail Jeffery Moss at jmoss@bhsec.bard.edu with details

The Diversity Initiative

Diversity in the student body and in the school community as a whole enriches learning experiences by broadening the perspectives both inside and outside of classrooms. The mission of the Diversity Initiative at Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) is to promote both diversity within the BHSEC community and provide leadership opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

Student representatives are chosen from the BHSEC Manhattan campus to work together with our admissions staff and receive leadership training so that they can effectively provide outreach to specific schools and community organizations.  The schools and community organizations are selected based on criteria outlined in the Annenberg Institute Study “Is Demography Still Destiny?”These selections are intended to enhance opportunities for students in particular neighborhoods.

This initiative is designed to engage a population of potential BHSEC applicants that otherwise may not know about us.  Enrollment in BHSEC gives students not only access to a NYS Regents Diploma, but also a high quality free two-year associates degree granted by Bard College as a part of their education in a New York City public school.