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Early college students are on an educational trajectory divergent from that of their peers, and are uniquely experiencing college study in a secondary school environment. By choosing this unconventional route, students are joining a community of non-traditional high school age students who are changing the conversation around who goes to college, and when.

Bard High School Early College Cleveland

An Interview with Estefany Lara-Moreno, BHSEC Baltimore, by Yuleisy Aguirre, BHSEC Cleveland

Q: If you could, what is one word you would use to describe students at BHSEC Baltimore?

A: That’s actually really hard because everyone is so unique. I can’t really put them in one box because everyone is different and has their own interests.”

Read the full blog post here.


A Student’s Best Friend: by Kiani Arroyo, BHSEC Cleveland c/o 2024

In her op-ed, Kiani reflects on her experience matriculating into the early college program, and how taking advantage of the resources available helped her thrive in the college environment.

Read Kiani’s op-ed here.

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