Student Supports & Credit Transfer

Robust support services are key to student success at Bard Early College. Students are supported through the College Transfer Office, learning centers, faculty office hours, counseling, faculty and peer tutoring, and student activities offices. 

Credit Transfer

Students graduate from BHSEC with a formal Bard College transcript and college credits.
Every BHSEC campus is an accredited, degree-granting branch campus of Bard College. BHSEC graduates are Bard graduates. BHSEC students have had success transferring many of their Bard credits to a range of four year institutions. To see a list of colleges where BHSEC alumni have graduated in two and three years, please see here.

Colleges and universities across the country accept Bard credits.
BHSEC students have successfully transferred Bard credits to over 1,000 colleges and universities, reflecting every tier and type of higher education institution in the country. Students bring these credits to colleges and universities including public institutions, from SUNY, CUNY, Rutgers, The Ohio State, and University of Maryland campuses, to the University of California, and many independent colleges universities, including Stanford, Reed, and Wesleyan.

The College Transfer Office assists students with the credit transfer process.
Each Bard High School Early College campus has a College Transfer Office (CTO). The CTO guides students through the college and financial aid application process and postsecondary planning. BHSEC alumni/ae are also encouraged to continue working with the CTO coordinator, following matriculation in an institution after BHSEC, to assist with the transfer of credits. Students are assigned to a CTO advisor for a year and a half, beginning in the spring of the first year of the college program. Weekly CTO advisory sessions teach students about the basics of building a college list, crafting a strong application, and applying for financial aid.

Dual Enrollment Verification/Assessment of Above and Beyond Credits for select schools
There are schools, usually the most selective independent colleges and universities, that will only consider transferring college classes not required for high school graduation. The CTO can help prepare this documentation for students. For any classes that are not accepted for credit transfer, BHSEC students are encouraged to present their college syllabi to pass out of lower level classes or requirements, affording them more flexibility (double major, study abroad, etc.).

Course Catalogues

BHSEC Baltimore course catalogue-PDF
BHSEC Cleveland course catalogue-PDF
BHSEC Manhattan course catalogue-PDF
BHSEC Newark course catalogue-PDF
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