Early College Program Chairs & Fellowship

The Early College Fellowship awards institutional support to faculty from the Bard Early Colleges to engage in the development of new lessons/curriculum and/or design and implement new academic initiatives.The Fellowship includes a series of workshops, opportunities to collaborate with partner institutions and support for the publication/presentation of fellowship projects. Fellowships are awarded for each academic year and fellows receive a stipend. 

Bard Early College Program Chairs

The following faculty have been elected as the chair of their respective academic programs across the Bard Early College Network. Their approaches to teaching and/or their teaching philosophy are included below.

Division of the Arts

Jennifer Marquez Eccher, M.F.A., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, Performing Arts).

Seth Ruggles Hiler, M.F.A., BHSEC Manhattan (Program Chair, Visual Arts).

Division of Languages and Literature

Dr. Christian Lehmann, Ph.D., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, American Literature).

Evan McCormick, M.A., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, Chinese).

Shannon Leslie, M.A., BHSEC Queens (Program Chair, Latin).

Dr. Laura Quijano, Ph.D., BHSEC Baltimore (Program Chair, Spanish).

Dr. Paul Hansen, Ph.D., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, World Literature).

Division of Mathematics and Sciences

Dr. Richard Kurker, Ph.D., BHSEC Baltimore (Program Chair, Biology).

Dr. Steven Wang, Ph.D., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, Chemistry).

Dr. Tiffany Morris, Ph.D. (Program Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science) is a Clinical Research Scientist with a passion for statistics and is part of the Bard High School Early College Newark Faculty. She has taught courses in physics, mathematics, and engineering. She earned a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the Rutgers University and  UMDNJ, her Masters in Biomedical Engineering from NJIT, and her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from NJIT. 

Sweer Shah. M.Ed (Program Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science) teaches in the math department at BHSEC Cleveland (West) at both the high school and college levels. A native of Kashmir, in northern India, Sweer completed a B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics from University of Pune, India, and then went on to earn both a Masters in Mathematics and a Masters in Education (Curriculum & Instruction)from Cleveland State University.

Ashley Iguina, M.A.T., BHSEC Newark (Program Chair, Physics).

Division of Social Sciences

Verónica Vallejo, A.B.D., BHSEC Manhattan (Program Chair, American Social Sciences).

Dr. Joanne Baron, Ph.D., BHSEC Newark (Program Chair, Global Social Sciences).

Division of General and Supplemental Education

Dr. Michael Sigrist, Ph.D., BHSEC DC (Program Chair, First-Year Seminar).

Dr. Kristin Collins, Ph.D., BHSEC Cleveland (Program Chair, Second-Year Seminar).

Samantha Bickel, M.S.Ed., BHSEC Manhattan (Program Chair, Special Education).

Non Divisional Programs

David Dowling, M.A., BHSEC Newark (Program Chair, Physical Education and Health Program).

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