Bard High School Early College Queens

Accepted Students 

Welcome New Students!
Congratulations on your acceptance to Bard High School Early College (BHSEC) Queens. We are delighted that you will be joining us in the fall.

We start the fall semester with a Writing and Thinking Workshop where you will work closely with a small group of students and one of our teachers. You will learn to read and listen more thoughtfully, to articulate ideas, to review your own work critically and, most basically, to recognize the link between thought and expression.

Acceptance Notification

March, 2018

Schools will receive High School Admissions Round 1 results on Wednesday, March 7th 2018.  Please contact your guidance counselor for specific questions or visit the NYC Department of Education website for more information.

Music Questionnaire 

Please complete by June 1st, 2018

Hello and greetings from the Music Department at BHSEC Queens.  Congratulations on your acceptance to our school!  In an effort to learn more about your past musical experiences and help you transition into our school’s music program, we would like ALL incoming 9th grade students (and new 10th grade students) to fill out the following questionnaire.  BHSEC Queens has a strong music program to offer students and all are welcome! Please click here to access the questionnaire. 

Bard DNA Summer Program

This upcoming academic school year, we will be introducing a new addition to our BHSEC Queens community: the Bard Diversity Network of Action (DNA) program. The Bard DNA Program is an initiative funded by the New York State (NYS) Smart Transfer Grant and is designed to increase high school graduation and post-secondary degree completion rates for historically underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged students. Funding from the NYS Smart Transfer Grant provides support for leadership and skill development workshops, mentoring and summer programs.

If you are interested in participating in the Bard DNA 2018 Summer Program, please complete the enrollment and application form by sending it to or by completing the form online at The enrollment and application form is due by Friday, June 15, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out by email or phone (718) 361-3133 ext. 6715.


Preference Form

All incoming 9th graders must complete a Preference Form.   Download
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  • What if I took a Regents Exam?
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  • Is there a summer program?
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  • What is Writing & Thinking? 
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