Heydrick Padilla | Manhattan ’15

Heydrick was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. After BHSEC, he went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Mathematics at Wheaton College, and his Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth College in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Energy Engineering. He is currently completing a Master of Engineering Management at Dartmouth College.

Heydrick has helped develop and design off grid solar farms in impoverished areas in Haiti and South Africa, managed solar farm creations in the United States, and is currently involved in helping the largest C2C car sharing service in Japan design a platform to integrate the electric utility and the electric vehicles that are a part of the car sharing fleet.

Heydrick has received many awards since he graduated from BHSEC, from being featured in the New York Times to receiving academic recognition in the field of Chemistry. However, his
greatest accomplishment to date was being able to return to BHSEC and deliver the Keynote
Speech to the Summer Scholars Program of 2018. Giving back to the communities that helped
him is what truly inspires Heydrick to continue to achieve success.

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