Bard Early College’s Stephen Tremaine and Dumaine Williams call for more access to early college education in The 74

“It’s no secret that college enrollment in the U.S. has dropped, and these declines aren’t slowing down: This fall, college enrollment nationally decreased by nearly another half-million students. These drops are unevenly distributed across race, socioeconomic class and even gender, with recent reports showing that young men are opting out of college at record-setting rates.

While the pandemic accelerated this trend, this crisis has been building for decades. Even as a college degree has increasingly become a prerequisite for stable, living-wage jobs, the cost of college — in both money and time — has become more and more prohibitive. These are fundamental failures; addressing them head-on means questioning some of the very fundamentals of college. 

For example: Why should a college education start at age 18, and only after a student graduates from high school?”

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