Bard College and the New York City Department of Education are partnering toward the launch of a new, public early college high school in Brooklyn, NY. 

About Bard High School Early College Brooklyn

Bard High School Early College Brooklyn will offer young people a set of extraordinary opportunities, including:

  • Enabling students to graduate from high school with 60 transferable college credits and a Bard College AA degree, entirely free of cost to students and their families
  • A core curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences
  • Extensive guidance in postsecondary options and credit transfer 
  • Robust student support structures that attend to students’ academic, social, and developmental needs

To learn more about the Bard High School Early College model, please visit or reach out to us at [email protected]


In the 2024-2025 school year, the planned location for Bard High School Early College Brooklyn is __________ in Brooklyn’s ________ neighborhood. 

Applying to Bard High School Early College Brooklyn

BHSEC Brooklyn will ultimately serve up to _____ students, prioritizing enrollment for students living and/or studying in Brooklyn. For the first year, rising 9th and rising 11th graders may apply. There will be ___ seats for entering 9th graders and _____ seats for entering 11th graders.

The high school application for students entering 9th or 11th grade in September 2024 will be open on __________ and will be available on MySchools. The deadline to upload the Bard assessment is ___________. Applications consist of two essay responses and a video and are submitted through the NYC Dept. of Education MySchools account.

Here is our Assessment. You’ll need to upload your responses directly to Myschools. Please see this video from the NYC Department of Education to see how to upload your assessment.

If a student has already applied to Bard Queens, Bard Manhattan or Bard Bronx this past year then they may resubmit the same assessment. Students will have to resubmit the assessment on Myschools.

Selection Criteria

Average Course Grades – 10%

Humanities Writing – 30%

STEM Writing – 30%

Video – 30%

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