Our People

Our Poeple

BHSEC faculty members are experienced college professors with a special interest in working with younger students; some come to BHSEC from high schools and others from colleges and universities. Most faculty members hold a Ph.D. in their discipline, and all permanent, full-time faculty at the campus. Some college electives are taught by adjunct faculty. The faculty to student ratio is 15:1, with an average class size between 20 and 22.

Our staff are highly-qualified professionals who are dedicated to promoting student success. Our staff come from a range of professional backgrounds in the public and private sectors.   

Our People

Dr. K. Yawa Agbemabiese, Faculty in History
Dina Hoeynck, Faculty in Art
Dr. Troy McGrath, Faculty in History
Dr. Michelle Wright-Dottore, Faculty in Literature
Qian Wu, Faculty in Chinese

Dr. Dumaine Williams, Provost, Bard High School Early College Cleveland
Lea Dotson, Interim Principal
Dwight Hodgson, Dean of Students
Nathaniel F. Austin, Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator
Jessie Haas, Bard Fellow
Lydia Ford, School Counselor 
Monica McMillan, Secretary